When tech giants censor or delete stories that we perceive to advance or hurt our political “team,” we're up in arms. But protecting a free and open internet means not using punitive regulations to hamstring social networks because of the scandal du jour.


Because it was super boring. Attaboy to our Austrian Chancellor Kurz.

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During Biden's speech, the Austrian Chancellor seemed not entertained, checking his phone, then he started examining his UNGA badge and cracking his fingers following that.
(Some color from UN pooler @white_lenka@twitter.com via @mbesheer@twitter.com )

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motivational quote

that is catchy

and strangely general


The FDA has failed every American yet again. 0-2 in the last year. Terrible odds for actually saving lives

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“We're very committed to following the law,” Wheeler said. But she added that “there was a definite moving of goal posts that has happened through FDA throughout the course of the PMTA process.” ⬇️ politico.com/news/2021/09/22/f

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This was…entirely predictable. Let’s give it up for the ⁦@US_FDA@twitter.com⁩, shutting down an entire industry literally created to get people off tobacco. Public health groups are really applauding themselves 🤡 politico.com/news/2021/09/22/f


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Money lost by consumers through crypto scams last year: $80 Million
Money lost by consumers through overdraft fees last year: $12 Billion

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hot air

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What do these seven hosts have in common? They're turning Wednesday night into 🌍🌎🌏 @FullFrontalSamB@twitter.com @LateNightSeth@twitter.com @FallonTonight@twitter.com @TheDailyShow@twitter.com @JimmyKimmelLive@twitter.com @latelateshow@twitter.com

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What are consumer-focused principles for smart crypto regulation?

proud of this @consumerchoicec@twitter.com primer put together w/ @kokota@twitter.com on how governments should look at and


Forcing a “common phone charger” is the EU’s way of endorsing a particular technology. But they, like all governments, will be wrong.

Innovation moves too fast, change is too quick, and we must allow consumers to pick the preferred tech, not politicians


Today at 7PM CET/1PM EST, moderating a panel on + taxation + regulation at @SignalsDca@twitter.com's SUPER₿ Bitcoin Summit.

Panel featuring top minds

can still get tickets here:

Watching the all day baby!

All things and innovation.

I will be moderating the panel at 7PM CET!


Just heard the UN General Assembly chair call President Biden "His Excellency Joe Biden"

has there been some change I'm unaware of?

Lost my wagers to @ClementLiberty@twitter.com and delivered his winnings in BTC. Imagine if everyone did this.

El Salvador residents using secondary markets to exchange their BTC "national airdrop" for cash. What an arbitrage

Charities funded by Michael Bloomberg have been actively working to ban or severely restrict harm reducing technologies like in India, the Philippines, China, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, and more.


meanwhile, people will flock to off-shore crypto products and services. Stellar, SEC!

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.@Coinbase@twitter.com has dropped plans to launch a lending product after the @SECgov@twitter.com warned it would violate federal securities laws.

@Nate_DiCamillo@twitter.com reports


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