🇺🇸The latest slew of bills in the Senate would have serious impacts on consumers who use and enjoy tech platforms to improve their lives. Why?

5 easy reasons by @ConsumerChoiceC@twitter.com

Where’s an H.L. Mencken quote when u need one

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Signatories to an open letter defending Fauci represent institutions that collectively received $1.8 billion from his agency in 2020 alone. | bit.ly/3rqmEEw

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Illiberalism©: new/improved liberalism

The UK is on a path to freedom from COVID restrictions.

Meanwhile, if I don’t get the booster in next 13 days, the government that happens to rule over the territory where I live will fine me up to 600 EUR.

The only thought I had during ‘Encanto’ is that the grandmother is spiteful and evil. She'd be a villain in any other context.

When you go from being a HODLer to lightning node operator and then miner, your appreciation for the doggedness of this whole "decentralized network" thing cranks to 11infinity

So you’re telling me FilibusterPanic is bogus

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In 2017, 30 Senate Democrats signed a bipartisan letter urging then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to keep the filibuster:

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I only want the Sauna Coin

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What do Magellan, a sauna, Pallas Athena and the Universitas Istropolitana have in common?

They are all commemorated on our euro coins!
As the euro turns 20, learn more about the euro in our interactive story 👇

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Very excited that the @ConsumerChoiceC@twitter.com has added two new advisers!

▶️Strategic Adviser: Lord Wharton, 🇬🇧 House of Lords (2020) and former MP for Stockton-South

▶️Public Health Adviser: Alexander Kvitashvili 19th Minister of Healthcare 🇺🇦 and former Minister of Health of 🇬🇪

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Insane survey of Democratic voters in a recently poll:

-55% support fines against unvaxxed
-59% support house arrest
-48% support prison for questioning vax efficacy on social media
-45% support internment camps
-47% support surveillance
-29% support the state taking their kids

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"Dear progressive politicians, pundits and media friends: Stop trying to make the term “Latinx” a thing"


It's never the person you expect who's running that sweet looking Linux distro

The fact that the U.S. and Canada allow their citizens to open tax-free investment accounts, but European countries don't, says a lot

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