Cops called on me for smoking a turkey: Thanksgiving Scofflaw

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Precisely the debate we should have had all along.

Overruling shutdowns/lockdowns VS individual health measures and personal responsibility, a pit bull.

I seem to remember him being an early influence for the 2010 Tea Party. Version 3.0 coming soon?

🚨 Extra extra, read all about it 🚨


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Great news! Cannabis legalization passed in the U.S. House — now let’s ensure smart cannabis policy, keeping rules sane, taxes low, and competition high to quash the black market

The great's interviews with ordinary people about their jobs and wild stories are top-notch viewing.

Imagine if every celeb with a major platform did this

I'm lucky enough each week to be interviewed on FM radio by the excellent Morning Show host on all consumer-related topics and more.

Catch me fast at 9:30AM EST!

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on The Big Talker 106.7FM!
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want me one of these igloos, but for walking around

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want me one of these igloos, but for walking around

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"We've had massive regulation build up over a long period of time. That regulation is no longer fit for purpose. That economy the regulation was regulating is gone." on this week's

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People too busy to answer my emails


The most dystopian thing you’ll see today is this school in China


+1 pour la Suisse !


won't bow to foreign pressure on resorts at holidays during -19 - health minister says ⁦⁩


Si vous êtes un fan de dans la francophonie, écoutez mon père en entrevue avec, depuis le siège-social de -- on voit l'auto de Chase Elliott dans le cadre !

Interview de Patrick Ossowski depuis la réception de via

When I took the test, it was laughably easy. Very happy to see it stepped up, and perhaps administered to US citizens...just as a "pulse" on civics knowledge

Episode 2 of's ConsEUmer Podcast!

EU Pharma Strategy, Green New Deal, Trade, and Tech Giants (w/

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