🇺🇸The latest slew of bills in the Senate would have serious impacts on consumers who use and enjoy tech platforms to improve their lives. Why?

5 easy reasons by

The Senate is considering two antitrust bills by Sen. that would significantly harm both consumer choice and innovation. They’re bipartisan in the Senate chamber, but not favored by the vast majority of American consumers.

Both the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and Platform Competition and Opportunity Act appear to be general antitrust regulations but are in fact targeted attacks on consumers who benefit from the services of a handful of tech companies.

Americans benefit from a competitive market for all goods, services, and networks we use online. Weaponizing our federal agencies to break up companies, especially when there is no demonstrated case of consumer harm, chills innovation and dulls our competitive edge as a country.

To update antitrust Congress should:

-Establish clearer penalties for breaches of data/privacy + empower the FTC to act where necessary

-Punish companies violating existing antitrust provisions that harm consumers

-Better define the consumer welfare standard in a digital age

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