RT today is informing the industry that it is re-instating its mask policies for indoor areas at tracks due to the delta variant.


I've got a variant, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL

"America First"

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss


BREAKING: President Biden announces new federal rule that products considered "Made in America" will now need 75% of domestic content, up from the current 55%

"There's a new sheriff in town," he says


We don’t even have free trade with the moon. Apollo 11 astronauts had to fill out a customs form upon returning to the US

Mises says:


Today’s Anniversary of Medicare & Medicaid reminds us to reflect on the critical role these programs have played to protect the healthcare of millions of families. To safeguard our future, we must reject Socialist healthcare schemes.


It is, in fact, real. And sad.


Who’s going to tell her?


We're not hosting an intergalactic kegger down here

👩‍💻Always insightful and super sharp on, broadcast on and

This week she tackled the fundamental question: What is the goal of ? Should government promote innovation or guardrails?


Hey — I fixed it for u


The aerosols from e-cigarettes contain toxic substances that can cause

🚨 cancer
🫀 cardiovascular diseases
🫁 lung disorders
🧠 damage to children’s brain development

e-cigarettes now for a healthier life!

Here's how 👉


it's simple enough, as we have stated at the

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it's July 26 and I'm still lovin' this


Very impressive remarks by Yael Ossowski of at 2021:

He speaks about innovation emerging from individuals and not from bureaucratic systems.

Nobody can take away from us!


In the US Congress, there is talk of "nationalizing" the credit score system. No need to look at Black Mirror when we have a working example:


"The Chinese Communist Party's Social Credit System goes nationwide next year and no one is willing to criticise it"

Says all you need to know.

Coming to a country near you soon.

You've been warned 👇


Bloomberg article denigrating American private space exploration in favor of Chinese billionaire funding of the Chinese Communist Party Space Program.

A refreshing endorsement of harm reduction in the NYT, focused on using it in the COVID era.

The same principle should be applied to the category of people who also use vaping products! The logic is sound.

Just your average grocery store in Tbilisi, Georgia, where you can transfer fiat to crypto on the spot

Yes, we do drive on George W. Bush Street on the way from Tbilisi airport to the center

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