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Guys, NC already lost a ton of investment + clout after , do you really want to play this game again?

Stop weaponizing government for anti-woke points

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NC: Oh yeah, Georgia? Hold my beer


This North Carolina bill is every bit as completely insane and horrific as advertised. As written, it mandates that government workers have to report children to their parents for "gender nonconformity."


In the vaccine roll-out, apart from the competent and efficient administrators, the winners are these slick tech wizards who have built platforms that scrape websites for information on available vaccine appointments.

We're All Infrastructure Now


Paid leave is infrastructure.
Child care is infrastructure.
Caregiving is infrastructure.


Today North Carolina opens up all age categories 16+ for vaccination!

Use some innovation and get yourselves jabbed so we can end this mess and get back to business

Atrocious: aided + abetted a Phillippines draft rule to limit all private vaccine procurement to ensure they aren't related to the tobacco, alcohol, soda, or BREAST MILK SUBSTITUTES industries as they "conflict with public health"


How the lockdown lobby rewrote history

by ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩

Limiting and capping food delivery commissions:

-fewer orders
-fewer restaurants on apps
-less💰for delivery drivers
-prices go📈for consumers

A rotten deal. Especially in a pandemic!

Big NO for consumers on California's


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Third party delivery fees have gotten out of hand, with restaurants paying upwards of $35k a year in fees alone. This is why my local ordinance to limit these fees is so critical and why we must pass to limit fees statewide.


This would end up hurting more people than it purports to help. That would be both anti-consumer and anti-innovation in the same fell swoop, which seems bonkers a year into a pandemic when EVERYONE has been ordering food online.

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CA legislators want to cap commission rates on food deliveries.

It will mean fewer order volumes, less money for delivery couriers, and apps limiting which businesses they accept, hurting restaurants, couriers, and consumers

Time to stop

Fun detour into Trump sycophant Twitter with this lovely GIF

RT No one naturally uses Trump accordion hands


On antitrust, the key measure that should be elevated is whether the status quo is good for CONSUMERS — you cannot use the power of government to try to regulate and hamstring your competitors.

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