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Exposing Logan Paul's New Crypto "Art" via

vouloir pousser au bas rang de la société ne servira qu’à lui rendre encore plus résilient et populaire... Internet vs. ALL

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If our societies begin to root out simple disagreements and criminalize heterodox opinions, it will not be long before more nefarious forces use that same power to their own advantage.

The sword is double-edged and the pendulum always swings back.

Troublant, en effet, qu’un citoyen privé soit traité aux vengeances de la "mob" pour quelque chose qu'on se dit chaque jour...

C'est old school media vs. new media 2.0

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Guy walks down the street with no mask. Police are called, they swarm and arrest him, and he ends up in the hospital, where he’ll face a greater risk for COVID than walking down the street

Australia: taking it too far since 1901

Oh no, Jim Cramer says we shouldn't criticize regulators when they become overzealous! They are benevolent and kind!

spankin' new lightning node incoming. getting ready to unlock podcasting 2.0

The Smart Way to Think About Crypto Regulation
–concentrate on fraud
–tech neutrality
–crypto as innovation rather than investment
–legal certainty

Voici un très bel exemple de la culture de l'annulation véhiculé par les élites québécoises...elles harcèlent l'école, l'employeur et peut-être même bientôt le gars qui livre sa poste..

Et tout ça parce que révèle leur hypocrisie et "shows the receipts"

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RT Faudrait aussi faire savoir à et à les propos méprisants que Jonathan Hamel tient ici. Il dit collaborer avec eux et je ne crois pas qu'ils apprécierait (si c'est vrai car c'est un menteur et un crosseur alors c'est possiblement faux).


If we aim to confront “extremism” and its dark undercurrents: should we begin by censoring all unsavory opinions and thoughts? Or will suppression eventually drive them underground—and make them stronger and more resilient?

my dispatch >

The SEC not embracing smart crypto regulation. In fact, they're actively harming American innovation. Don't they understand how competitive this sector is and how quickly a foreign firm can swoop in?


1/ Some really sketchy behavior coming out of the SEC recently.
Story time…


If the government attempted to scan all your photos for illegal images, we'd see it for the privacy violation it is. Apple may have gotten the message. via

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