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As per usual, ⁦⁩ adds the last perfect ingredient. This was the opportunity for national movement on criminal justice reform, but everyone wanted to side with the tribe and score culture war points

Austria goes into a 3-week lockdown tomorrow, so let’s hit up the Christmas market, said all of Vienna

I, for one, remember when the WHO warned against punitive lockdowns because they “make poor people poorer.”

But we’re back to the same script.

Y’all need to stop judging people by their Spotify “playing now” — some of us have kids with eclectic music tastes, dogg

booted up on the 4TB external for now, but will shift everything over to Ubuntu for November.

Live Open Source.

My fav version of this chart.


“Neoliberal is happy when line goes up” is an oversimplification of my view. Sometimes I’m happy when line goes down.


Imagine if rather than using a politically-captured fundraising platform that vets causes based on ideology, people just donated to a Bitcoin address. Solved.


GoFundMe’s Terms of Service prohibit raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime. In light of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we want to clarify when and why we have removed certain fundraisers in the past:


“gaslighting” entered the modern American lexicon about 10 years ago and is now a primary tool in political discourse. Plus a hit of cognitive dissonance every now and then.

“Austria-splainers” claim cases high + lockdown/mandates justified because states lifted “mask mandates”. BS. Many were free to mask and did. Private biz still required, plus schools, work, hospitals.

Quasi-religious belief in government power is more disturbing than COVID.

Hayek prediction at last coming true: the denationalization of money


Of all the Austrian economists, Hayek has left the deepest impression on me.


My Bitcoin node always crosses state lines

Tell me what you thought of the Brett Kavanagh confirmation and I’ll tell you exactly what you think re: Kyle Rittenhouse

The rideshare prohibitionists are out in full force in TORONTO.

My colleague breaks down the actual harm that will come from limiting the sharing economy in one of North America's most populous cities.

Great article by + Mary Stout of on the power and usefulness of Health Savings Accounts.

Get those accounts folks!

Hillary Clinton: Cryptocurrencies have the potential for undermining the role of the dollar as a reserve currency and destabilizing countries. We can't think of just nation states anymore


When YouTubers read tweets, the 100+ notifcations bell is a total flex

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